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Voyage codeEmbarking portDisembarking portEmbarking dateDisembarking dateFees
BSC 2007
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Horta (Azores)Penzance (UK)24th Apr 202011th May 20201445
BSC 2008
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Penzance (UK)Le Havre (FR)11th May 202017th May 2020510
BSC 2009book now

Le Havre (FR)Amsterdam(NL)17th May 202024th May 2020680
BSC 2010
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Amsterdam(NL)Porto (PT)24th May 202010th June 20201360
BSC 2011
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Porto (PT)Bristol(UK)10th June 202025th June 20201275
BSC 2012
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Bristol(UK)Penzance/Mousehole(UK)25th June 20203rd July 2020680
BSC 2013
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Penzance/Mousehole(UK)Brest(FR)3rd July 20209th July 2020510
BSC 2014
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Douarnenez(FR)Porto(PT)17th July 202028th July 2020935
BSC 2015
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Porto(PT)Noirmoutier(FR)28th July 202019th August 20201785
BSC 2016
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Noirmoutier(FR)L'Aber Wrac'h(FR)19th August 202026th August 2020595
BSC 2017
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L'Aber Wrac'h(FR)Penzance(UK)26th August 202030th August 2020340
BSC 2018
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Penzance(UK)New Haven(UK)30th August 20208th Sept 2020765
BSC 2019
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New Haven(UK)Ramsgate(UK)8th Sept 202013th Sept 2020425
BSC 2020
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Ramsgate(UK)London(UK)13th Sept 202017th Sept 2020340
BSC 2021
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London(UK)Great Yarmouth(UK)17th Sept 202021st Sept 2020340
BSC 2022
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Great Yarmouth(UK)Scheveningen(NL)21st Sept 202026th Sept 2020425
BSC 2023
book now

Scheveningen(NL)Ijmuiden(NL)26th Sept 20201st Oct 2020425
BSC 2024
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Ijmuiden(NL)Douarnenez(FR)1st Oct 202011th Oct 2020850